Cherished Are We

How lucky am I

To get to know such love

An immense wave of warmth crashes over me

I am blessed to know people of all walks of life

I am blessed to love them

The grace of heaven has manifested itself in my present

My life is lit up with the light of a thousand smiles

My purpose is driven by those smiles

It is all worth it, it keeps me going

There is nothing compared to the joy I feel

While doing the most for others

I crave to understand more

Know more about each and every soul

Tell me about your life

For I wish to live more than just my own

I wish to live a thousand life times within my one

Through your stories

I know your truth

But I also learn my own

Somehow through you

I can be more me

Through you

I can learn to know myself better

To grow deeper

To plant my roots

To solidify my sense of self

For in ways we are the same

And in ways we are different

But through our differences we find more of the same

Through your soul is my own

Through my soul is your own

To feel safe and cared for together

A feeling I will never let myself forget

The togetherness I am blessed to experience each day

The community I see right before my eyes 

The bond I get to share with people in their darkest hours

The hope I get to give

The same hope someone gave me in my darkness

The same hope I have held onto all these years

Nourished, cherished, cultivated

It was all for this

It was meant to be shared

To be passed on

Passed on to others

Just as worthy, just as deserving

These souls I am blessed to know

These people I cherish so

They do not ask for much

They do not wish for more than is reasonable

They simply want what is owed to them

Owed to us all

As people we are owed dignity and grace

We crave this our entire lives

We are owed the benefit of the doubt

We are owed compassion and respect

And when we are given what we are owed

Beauty shines through us

Such beauty to behold from simple acts of kindness

Such joy to be shared from being together

Together in respect and compassion

Such grace to be understood

When we are understood as people

Such value to hold

When you open your heart to others in need

Such knowledge to gain

When you listen to another’s heart song