Full Spectrum

My heart is as open as a book with a broken spine

For that, I feel outside the norm

Like the sun I invoke a colourful spectrum of vibrant light

Like a prism I refract that light onto others

There is no colour without light

There is no pride without first understanding

The impact our own light has on the world around us

I am light; I will always share that light with others

Effervescent, I am known amongst my peers as bubbly 

I strongly believe we all carry this light

My soul, like yours, is a myriad of spirited lights

Full of colours and might

Together, our souls can blend

We can create miraculous colours

Colours this world has never seen

New colours that speak to us so strongly

Because they are our own

Because they came from deep within ourselves

They would spark us to chant unison so purely

Purely enough to be heard and echoed by the masses

To start a revolution is never easy

It takes a chain reaction

Starting with the light inside of me

Igniting the light inside of you

Eternally forward this will propel humanity

We are the universe exploring itself

We are sun, moon, stars and rainbows

We are what lies within and what lies in between

 We are both what is and what isn’t

We were born to learn, to vibe

Born to grow to understand one another

To make connections, to build communities

To build upon each other

To love every aspect of oneself

To love every aspect of another

To understand why we are here

We must understand why we love

Why we hope, why we keep on trying

Why is it so difficult to give up when life is so tumultuous

We are and will always be

Light reflected back on ourselves

We are mirrors for ourselves

We are mirrors for the ones we know

We are mirrors to strangers we cross paths with

It is not always easy to be so pragmatic

Our emotions get the best of us

My emotions get the best of me

I feel so strongly

I ache for this world

I ache for my brothers and sisters

We are all one and the same

Connected after all

People say I have a kind aura

“Approachable” they call it

Strangers approach me all the time

The wounded will always recognize a healer

I will always give myself to service

Service of others is service of self

In my experience, you get what you give

Why restrain, why restrict

I paint my life with every colour imaginable

I want my image to feel within reach to others

Every soul can have access to mine own soul

For they are me and I am them

I can open up to all life has to offer

Living fully is the only way to truly live and let live

To love and be loved

To be present for yourself

To be present for others

I struggle daily with turmoil that haunts me

I must remind myself vigilantly 

To be centered in the now for it is all we ever have

To be at peace with today for tomorrow is never certain

Be whole at this time since the past is never repeated

Every moment has its time

Every moment was once perfect

Perfect for then and there

Because every single current moment

Is just perfect for the here and now

Nostalgia is a fickle friend

It grants you joy one instant and sorrow the next

Peace in one memory, turmoil in another

Remember to enjoy every single moment

The journey is key

The destination is only a new beginning

We ebb and we flow

We cycle through this world

I embrace change

As change is my journey

Change brings me growth

I am light and I am dark

I ebb and I flow

Every aspect of me is paradoxical

Every part of you is a paradox

Every aspect of this life we lead

You guessed it; paradox

That’s how we will always remain

A mystery to both ourselves and to others

A vibe that can only be felt through interconnected love

The frequency of interconnected love is high

So high all planes of existence can feel it

Every single being can know it

They can be it and live it

Without awareness, it is still present

Without belief, it still rings true

This is the ultimate universal truth

The one all the dogmas have always told us about

The one thing we can all agree on

We are all one and the same after all

From nothing we rise

To nothing we return

That’s why I choose to live my life in service

Through service I live many lives

I leave an impact on various souls

I share myself with others

I give myself to their efforts

We share in success and defeat

Highs and lows

We live through them all

We become stronger despite it

We become stronger because of it

We love deeper and deeper

We learn that love is the only real answer

Any question can be answered with love

I am love, love is I

I am bursting at the seams

What I feel cannot be contained

I bare the colours of my soul for all to see