Initial Connection

Hello beautiful souls

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! Here is where we make our initial connection.


My name is Jojo, and I am an abstract artist, poet, tarot reader, energy healer, kitchen witch, Gemologist and crystal creatrix from Ottawa, Canada.

This website is both an artistic diary and a space for my art forms and loves to come together. Here, you’ll find my intuitive paintings, crystal makings, eclectic goodies, herbal remedies and freeform poetry. I let my colourful visions guide my work.

All of this comes straight from the heart. I have been looking forward to sharing it all with you and building a valued connection to my community.

I created Freeform Visions as a platform to help people to connect to centre, live within, learn about, dive deep, share in and interact with their spirituality and their inner power all while utilizing my various creative avenues, all spiritual in nature!

I am an eclectic being with a colourful soul and I wish nothing more than to build my connection with a community of like-minded individuals.

My “Why”

I wish to share with others the world of ritual healing and intention practices that have (not to be dramatic) saved my life. My dream is to be able to open the door to this level on connection with spirit for others around me. I can only open the door and show you the way. It is up to you only to choose this path and walk through the door.

You are on the right track as you have found website already. A new world awaits you if you are willing to dive right in. Endless possibilities of manifested magic are currently at your fingertips and the world is your playground to experience and live out your dreams.

Ritual Healing

Through difficult times and beautiful moments ritual healing can guide you through and structure your actions into protected energy and manifested joy. You can become free of the anxiety riddled thoughts of what if but this and that, I can’t, and that’s not meant for me. These types of intention practices are designed with the primary focus to release and trust the process. To trust in the universe fully and whole-heartedly. You will begin to believe that anything you desire is for you and meant for you. You are meant for great things, we all are. I believe in you and all of us. Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself also.

What can we do?

You are the catalyst to your own success and happiness. You are the only variable that can be molded and changed. Only our actions and reactions can be controlled. The rest is to be left to fall as it may in the ebb and flow of life. Connection to spirit and the universe helps with this.

I cannot guarantee life won’t throw drama your way, it always does and will continue to do so. I can only tell you that the way you will begin to react and act accordingly will change for the better. Allowing with it your life and individual perspective to change also.

Using tools and information we have at our disposal, we are capable of moving mountains. We must only be willing to learn and grow.

Focused Intention

My primary focus of all my ritual healing practices is growth. Personal development is the ultimate goal. When we grow as people we enrich our lives, souls and connections. We cherish our loved ones more deeply and we try our best to influence the ones we love in a positive way. This in turn, invites others to do the same and so a chain reaction begins, there are cycles of growth and rebirth in all of us.

An open book

Blessed are we to live in a time where vast connection is at our fingertips. I am grateful to be able to share my thoughts and musings with a wide audience through this website. Wishing nothing more than to impact others in a positive way. Here, I am an open book to any questions you’ll may have and answers you may need. I am a messenger from the universe and the spirit guides, I want to comfort and guide you to connecting with your higher self.

Don’t fret

Wishing to give you this reassurance also: You are on time. We are on time. You are never late to the party, the party never ends and all are welcome here. I aim to create an open and safe space for all beings to feel heard and seen. We are all apart of the big picture even if we only play a small part in it. We are important and valuable just as we are. Just living on this earth, sharing this human experience we call life. That is true beauty.

What makes us beautiful

The purest quality we possess as humans is humanity. Our connection to each other and our pureness of spirit. We are all struggling with various things, yet we power through, day by day. That isfrom the resilience of spirit. That is the beauty I wish to highlight. It is normal to doubt ourselves and our beauty. I can only hope to help more people see themselves as magical vessels for purity of spirit and wholesome kindnessheart, vehicles of acceptance. To know that they are beautiful as they are and they can do nothing but to amplify that beauty. This beauty of the soul I speakhave ofbeen cannotlooking be dampened, only explored and amplified.

Go on and explore

I invite you to navigate my drop down menu to explore all the facets of my ritual healing practice. Everything is done with intention and purpose. I transmute energy through my various works and channel Holistic Healing in every action along every step of the creative process.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out and connect with my thoughts and emotions on the matter. I am open to every connection this journey brings my way. Here’s hoping you are too.

With love,