About The Artist

Josée Laberge is a 26-year-old, self-taught artist from Ottawa, Ont., Canada. Her work centres upon vivid colours, fluid shapes and textures. The artwork she creates is fun, bright, expressive, energetic and engaging. 

A Word From The Artist

I find peace in creation, more specifically through freeform abstract art, crystal jewellery and prose poetry. I started Freeform Visions in order to have a platform to share my work. The art I create is a vision into the moment of its own creation, the emotions I felt and my corresponding creative decisions. 


To appease my busy mind, I turned to art and spirituality. I try to combine the two in my work. I paint intuitively and let my hands be guided by the vivid visions of colour I see as I meditate. I paint according to the emotions I feel. These particular painting processes are personal in nature, and I feel more comfortable doing so in solitude. Pablo Picasso said: “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary,” and I couldn’t agree more.

I dabble in many mediums and techniques such as watercolour, acrylic and oil paints, paper marbling, fluid acrylics and alcohol inks. My style with each of these mediums varies widely but always remains free flowing. Whether it be line work, mottled colours or fluid paintings, my art cannot be confined by labels. 

My intuitive process is simple: first, complete freedom; next, that’s it. I typically don’t know how a painting will turn out until it’s done. I simply let myself be guided by my intuition and beauty emerges. Painting is something I hold dear. It has helped me cope, time and time again, with my struggles with mental health. When I paint, the whole world melts away. My thoughts are no longer stagnant, inflexible, anxious, but rather free and flowing with endless possibilities. If I could paint all day, I would always be at my happiest.


My jewellery making is also very spiritual, specifically regarding my use of crystals. I am currently studying Gemology and Jewellery Appraisal. I have a passion for gems and jewellery. This, along with my creative nature, led me to making beaded gemstone jewellery as well as polymer clay jewellery. I choose stones with properties that compliment each other and build each necklace into a talisman of crystal magic. I also create a line of chakra jewellery to align your chakras and cleanse your aura. I love being able to make myself a necklace with stones that have properties which reflect my current circumstances. I’ve long done this for myself, and now I want to do it for you. I would eventually like to take silversmith classes to expand my knowledge of jewellery making.


Poetry is an aspect of my creative side that is incredibly personal. Until now, I have shared it with few. Like most of my creations, my poetry is freeform in so far as it is prose. It addresses strong emotions. Poetry is yet another way I cope with mental illness. I write about my hopes, my dreams, my insecurities, my struggles, my pain, the love that surrounds me, universal magic and the beauty within the cracks of it all. 

The talented Hitsura Drawings sketched me.

Having all of these art forms combined on this website is a way of sharing bits of my soul with you all. The thought of breaking through my shell and sharing this with an audience of any number now feels completely freeing to me. I hope it has the same effect on you. Thank you immensely for viewing my website and reading! If anything catches your eye, peaks your interest or calls to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and it will be my pleasure to offer more information.

With love,