Art Magic

Here is the slice of the internet where you can browse and view my Art Magic works both past and present. See a collection of my favourite creations, regardless of purchase availability. 

My Artistic practice is vitally important to my healing process. It is how I process emotions and events in my life. 

When I go too long without painting I can see the difference it makes. I feel more connected to this world and reality when I create.

These Art Magic works are visions into their own creations and tell a story unique to each piece. What is the story? Well that’s up to you to interpret. I love that everyone gains something different from my pieces. You gain perspective on what is valuable to you. Art is subjective and that is why not all my pieces may speak to you. However, I am certain at least one will.

You will feel my transmuted energy fully and completely when you stumble across the right piece for you. So have a good look and be open to receiving a glimpse of magic!

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Mixed Media Art Magic

Ink Art Magic

Acrylic Art Magic


Art Magic, just like life, is teaching us everytime we put paint to canvas. Just like in life attachements and doubts cloud our better judgment and dampen our energy from being free. We hold back out of fear and we doubt what the universe has in store for us. We cling to things that are fleeting and we hold on to things that no longer serve us. These are common patterns in all of our lives and in the creating of abstract art. 

Add Value To Your Life

This is why Jojo believes abstract art to be such a valuable tool and practice. It shows you, in a simple way, how we act and react to the unexpected and unknown. Jojo never has a plan for her Artworks, she is done when she feels it is done and she has processed what was needed. This way, there is no expectations for the outcome and we are left pleasently surprised. We learn how unstructured play and intuition can lead us to the answers we seek. How sometimes no plan, is better than a flawless plan.