Look Forward

Don’t fret, starseed
It isn’t always easy
Some days fall short
The limitations are tireless
You lay to bed weak
And rise feeling weaker
Your time will come
Your strength will rise
Everything cycles
You are a caterpillar
On a journey just begun
You are cocooning
And although
It may be draining
Having no idea
What’s to come
Make use of this time
Fill your heart with beauty
Once you emerge
It will be a new era
Of prosperity and manifestation
Of your hopes and dreams
As the beautiful butterfly you are


Recipe for Curing Inner Turmoil

Breathe in
Look within
The mind starts to slow
Inner breezes begin to blow
Promising to wipe the slate clean
Clean of all its cobwebs
Banishing the creatures
Which have called it home
Breathe out
Sweep away the dust
Tend to your wildflowers
Stretch your boundaries
Open up the windows
Place down the mat
Welcome yourself back in
Breathe in
This is your sanctuary
Breathe out
This is your home



Hello lovelies,

Welcome to the blog portion of my website! Let me tell you what you can expect from this little slice of the Internet. This section is where I’ll be sharing my poetry with all of you. My poetry is freeform and limitless. To me, it’s all about turning raw emotion into beauty. I write when I have the feels, and convey them through words.

If you find my poems relatable, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Feeling, expressing and sharing these emotions are a part of the human experience, and I love to connect with other likeminded souls.

I hope you enjoy!