He is
The human embodiment
Of joyous sunshine
Way up high
As if strung up
To the heavens themselves
He is
The bright side
That surmounts the darkness
Reflecting light and grace
Back to anyone
Who gazes upon him



Everlasting Journey

Cotton candy skies
The sun sets
Nostalgia seeps in
Longing for simpler times:
The sun didn’t ask as many questions
The moon didn’t expect as many answers
Now the questions are tireless
My answers are dwindling
Falling ever behind in this cycle
Needing a reminder
Dawn is dawn and dusk is dusk
Neither can be a beginning or an end
Let go of your daily attachments
This is an everlasting journey



We are She, She is We

They say the best curve a woman can have
Is the upward curve of her smile
But have they met Mother Earth?
Her curves are endless
Stretching on for miles and miles
Within it’s hills
That smile back and forth to each other
To you, to me
Clouds dancing about the sky
Like freckles shine in the sun
Valleys that seems to chase each other
Like children do
Rivers and lakes far apart
That somehow connect
The way soul mates always do
The rough of the rocks
The strength of the earth
Ever felt so grounded that you are the world?
She is that
With a range of emotions owned with pride
That can be understood by humanity
For we mirror her moods
We mirror her life
For it is also ours
A joy that radiates like sunshine
Waves of sadness that come like rain
Changes of pace and mind
Like the winds blowing in our hair
The peace or fear of the calm before the storm
A rage with force
Like oceans crashing upon its shores
The trembling of uncertainty
That shakes us like earthquakes
The outbursts of frustration
That shoot out like lightning
And echo like thunder
We are she and she is we
She is deserving of all our compassion
Because she already gives us hers
We are she and she is we