Yin Yang

Piece into me
Balance my opposites
Fill my darkness
With your light
Let it seep into my soul
Overwhelm my senses with desire
Appease my mind with wholeness
With you I am whole
You have found every
Empty crevice of my being
Lay bare the seeds
And through the fruits of your labor
Have grown a genus of wildflower
Known not by the world
But only by us


Look Forward

Don’t fret, starseed
It isn’t always easy
Some days fall short
The limitations are tireless
You lay to bed weak
And rise feeling weaker
Your time will come
Your strength will rise
Everything cycles
You are a caterpillar
On a journey just begun
You are cocooning
And although
It may be draining
Having no idea
What’s to come
Make use of this time
Fill your heart with beauty
Once you emerge
It will be a new era
Of prosperity and manifestation
Of your hopes and dreams
As the beautiful butterfly you are