Magical Connection: Meet The Enchantress

Let’s make a magical connection! Josée, or Jojo for short, is a 27-year-old self-taught creatrix from Ottawa, Canada. Her various works centre upon intention magic, empathy, connection, personal growth, inner healing and the processing of emotions. Her creations are meaningful manifestations.

A Word From Jojo

I find peace in creation, I started Freeform Visions in order to have a platform to share my work. The offerings I create are a vision into the moment of their own creation. Able to spark magic from within any being’s soul. If you were looking for a little magic in your life, you’re in the right place. To connect more deeply with my various magical vibes, read on!

Connection with Art Magic

To appease my busy mind, I turned to art and spirituality. I try to combine the two in my work. Painting intuitively lets me be guided by the vivid visions of colour I see as I meditate. painting according to the emotions I feel let’s me explore many facets of myself and the human condition. These particular painting processes are personal in nature and sharing them with the world has opened up my soul to the vulnerability of spirit. Pablo Picasso said: “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary,” and I couldn’t agree more.

My intuitive process is simple: first, complete freedom; next, that’s it. I typically don’t know how a painting will turn out until it’s done. I simply let myself be guided by my intuition and beauty emerges.

Connection with Crystal Magic

Connection with Jewelry Magic

My jewelry making and crystal magic habits are also very spiritual. I have studied Gemology and Jewellery Appraisal and I am a certified RGA. I have a passion for gems and jewellery. This, along with my creative nature, led me to making beaded gemstone jewellery as well as various crystal and gemstone creations. I choose stones with properties that compliment each other and build each item into a talisman of crystal magic.

Connection with Tarot / Healing Magic

Tarot Magic

This is one of my favourite ways to make magical connections with other souls. I provide intuitive tarot readings that connect you to your higher power and deeper purpose. As an Empath and I always take a empathetic approach to my readings. Aiming to tell you what I sense genuinely and gently. My readings centre upon personal growth and self development with a goal of finding the root cause of the emotions we feel and facing it head on. I pride myself on my honesty and my reliability and wish to guide you to finding your inner peace and your outer harmony. In my readings I may use many tools along with my tarot cards. (Oracle cards, runes, pendulums and various crystals).

Energy Healing

I am also an intuitive Aura reader and Chakra energy healer. Visions of Aura colours and characteristics are seen clearly by my third eye when I connect to your energy. This connection also allows me to align + balance your various energy centres.

I do this through intent focus, meditation, visualisation and Reiki energy. Attuning myself to your energy to work on a deeper level.

My intuition is very strong, my soul is kind and I am very down to earth so do not be shy to reach out. I will never pass judgement as we are all on this journey of self discovery together. I aim to create a safe space for openness.

Connection with Herbal Magic

My herbal remedies and concoctions invoke various meanings through intention and manifestation. I work to meld hand in hand many pure and natural ingredients with complimenting properties. Making these items with purpose in mind can allow me to formulate mixtures with many various uses. My friends like to call me the friendly neighborhood kitchen witch.

Connection with Poetry Magic

Poetry is an aspect of my creative side that is incredibly personal. Until now, I have shared it with few. Like most of my creations, my poetry is freeform in so far as it is prose. It addresses strong emotions. Poetry is one of the way I cope with life. I write about my hopes, my dreams, my insecurities, my struggles, my pain, the love that surrounds me, universal magic and the beauty within the cracks of it all. This is a magical connection of its own to spirit, thoughts and emotions.

With love,