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Hi there! You have stumbled upon written Poetry Magic. Here is the little slice of internet where you will find my heart and soul expressed in words.

Gemini’s Love to Talk 

My poetry is another facet of my healing journey. I love words, I am a Gemini Sun and Gemini also rules 4 of my planetary alignments. So as expected good communication is so valuable to me. It is also one on my greatest strengths. To be able to turn thoughts and emotions into words has proven to be a great and valuable skill. Poetry Magic has allowed me to express the unexpressed. To put confusing feelings into understood text. 

Jojo’s “Why” 

Jojo’s Poetry Magic musings are always free flowing and written without structure or rhyming rythm. They are read line by line, each line capable of standing alone on its own. They explore topics of strong emotions, turmoil, mental health, life’s dramas and life’s beauty.

Navigating Mental Health

Ironically, being a Gemini, Jojo also struggles with bipolar disorder. The duality sign baby both blessed and cursed with a mental illness that carries the energy of duality. In her Poetry Magic she talks a lot of the polarizing effects felt within sufferers of the condition. There will always be ups and downs in anybody’s life. Sufferers of bipolar however experience these ups and downs very prominently, whole heartedly and painfully. They hit the extremes of either end of the polarizing scale of pain and beauty, sadness and joy. They experience these emotions close together and sometimes with no cause and effect leading up to it. This has always caused Jojo a lot of turmoil and she has had difficulty in the past accepting this fate as her own. 

The Journey Ahead 

More recently Jojo has been able to make peace with this condition. Even better, she had embraced it for what it is. The good and the bad. There is beauty in the joyous madness of mania and there is beauty in the solemn silence of depression. She chooses to look at it as a super power where she gets to experience all facets of life and emotions. Even the hard parts. This has allowed her to learn vital universal truths from a young age and connect to spirit more completely. Her Poetry Magic writings are her way to share these lessons with others. To shine a light on the things not often seen by neurotypical people. Sometimes it takes making friends with darkness to truly appreciate the glimpses of light. 

A Blessing in Disguise 

Jojo now feels blessed and is grateful to feel everything so strongly. She has been given the gift of fluid emotions and is familiar with the entire gambit. Mental illness both forces and allows the sufferer to face things they typically would choose to avoid. When not given the option of avoidance, knowledge is gained. Afterall, knowledge is power for it brings about growth, peace of mind and understanding. 


Connecting with Jojo 

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