Blind Date With Divination


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Blind Date with Divination Envelopes

Mystery Rune + Tarot Card Envelopes with written out readings written by Jojo, an intuitive tarot reader, based on her intuition and insight.
A Rune is a Norse Mythology Divination tool similar to tarot. consists of a stone with a symbol carved into it.
These Runes are Bloodstone crystals with the Rune symbol carved into them in gold.
Each Rune Symbol has a divinatory meaning with a general theme

Each Envelope Includes:

*A Tarot Card
*A typed out Tarot Card reading
*A Bloodstone Rune
*A typed out Rune reading
*A crystal

Comes in a wax sealed envelope with Vintage Stamp on front of envelope
(Stamps are vintage and from various countries)
* enveloppe will be chosen intuitively for you upon purchase.
Made and written reading by Jojo of Freeform Visions.
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