Yooperlite UV Reactive Fluorescent Crystal Sphere XL Specimen Reiki Healing Crystals


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Extra Large Yooperlite Fluorescent Crystal Sphere (UV Reactive)

Weighs 515g

Approx. 2.75" in diameter

*In the presence of long-wave UV light, the Yooperlite will glow red-orange or pink, and when placed under short-wave UV light, the sodalite glows orange or yellow-orange.*

Pictures show stone under both regular light and some under long wave UV Light. This is when you will see the Orange Fluorescent specks.

* all spheres come with a stand for display.

Healing Properties:

If you have trouble focusing, try keeping a piece of the stone with you while you work or study. The unique properties of Yooperlite are also said to help increase creativity.

The stone is said to help restore balance in your life by ridding yourself of negative energy and emotions. Yooperlite is also used as a form of protection from negative influences, people, and energy.

A note from Jojo:

Hi beautiful Beings!

I am a Registered Gemologist and Appraiser (RGA) and crystal healer from Ottawa, ON.

I love crystals and have always wanted to share my passion with others in a more fun way than through appraising so I began my metaphysical crystal healing journey.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about any crystal and id be happy to help.

All crystals have been tested for authenticity and are purchased from reputable sources.

Great prices and nothing but good vibes!

Crystal are all sent cleansed and cleared so they are ready to use when you receive them.

keep on shining!

with love, Jojo