Tarot and Healing Magic

Services List

Hey there lovelies! Here you will find a detailed list of my intuitive services that I offer as well as their cost. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here

Tarot Readings Services 

My Tarot Magic is empathetic and Intuitive I nature and my readings focus on personal growth. I aim to attack more of what you can do to change and shift your perspectives. As well as try to help you gain insight on your journey ahead. I am not the Tarot reader to come see if you want to be told specifics of your future and predictions of specific instances in you life. I believe that those things are better left to your trust in the universe. We shouldn’t know too much details in advance. This subconsciously controls our decisions and actions. The way we move through life should be intuitive and fluid. Never set in stone. You are the writer of your own destiny, not the Tarot cards.


Market and event prices:

Tarot deck magic readings:

Single card pull: 15$
3 card spread: 30$
5 card spread: 50$

Oracle deck magic readings:

1 card pull: 15$
Triple deck pull: 30$

By the hour events or at home Tarot parties/gatherings:

For this service I charge by the hour. I can come to your home when you host friends over and will do any of the services from my list for the people present. I also do public events and soirées where I can read for your patrons, customers or clients. 

For this service, I charge 100$/hour

Travel time and gas fee may be added if you are further out from the Ottawa central area. 



In-person or zoom appointments of Tarot Magic:

In person Tarot appointments may be held at my own home, within your home, in a public place of your choosing. Wherever you feel most comfortable. These in-person meetings are available for Ottawa and surrounding area locals only. If I come to you and you are outside the ottawa central area, a travel time and Gas fee may be added. Ask me about my distance limits. 

For zoom Tarot appointments you will receive a video recording of the reading session. For in person, I welcome you to voice record the session and photograph your cards. 

Prices for Tarot Magic services are as followed:

3 card spread (20-30min) 50$

5 card spread (30-40mins) 70$

7 card spread (40mins-1h) 90$

10 card spread (1h+) 120$

(The more cards in a spread; the more focused and detailed the reading.)

A 12 card “year ahead” readings for the upcoming new year of 2023 are available also. This is where we pull one card for each month ahead to give you themes and ideas of what’s to come. These readings go on for about 1h30 as we touch on many various topics of interest for the new year. We can dive as deep as you want into what comes up.

12 card “year ahead” reading: 140$

* Oracle Card pulls, Rune Casting Divination or Pendulum Dowsing add ons are available for additional 10$/each * 

To book a Tarot reading with Jojo contact her here.


Aura Readings Services

Aura readings must be held in person and in a calm space or environment like my home or your own. I cannot meet in public places to do Aura Readings as I have found they are too draining to my own energy. There are too many energies in one space. The focus it takes to cut them all out to zone in specifically on your personal aura is exhausting. I work best in quiet spaces. 

General Aura Reading 

Personal Aura Reading (30min) 60$

You receive:
– general report about aura colour
– info about auras in general
– info about auras+chakras

You also receive a hand picked crystal which compliments your aura.


Focused Aura Reading 

In depth Aura Reading and consult + cleanse and Chakra reset (1h+) 160$

You receive:
– Written detailed report about aura
– info about auras in general
– custom crystal chakra kit + info (a total of 8 tumbled crystal)
– print outs about auras+chakras
– list of aura affirmations
– aura meditation tools write up

– aura cleansing
– Chakra alignment
– Reiki angel wings
– in depth reading and meditation

To book an Aura Reading with Jojo contact her here.


Art Magic Energy Healing Services 

Abstract Art Magic Guided Session

Have any residual emotions that just can’t be processed? Have things you are holding onto but cannot let go? Do you need to release something you’ve been keeping inside? 

Art Magic Energy Healing is your playful and intuitive way to free yourself from these things weighing you down.

Come to my at home art studio and create some Art Magic of your own with guidance.

I will provide all supplies to play with as well as creative guidance throughout the entire process.

Prices and services: 

Mini guided session (1h) 100$

In a mini session you will create a small 12x12in piece.

Regular guided session (2h) 150$

In a regular session you will create a large 18x24in piece. 

Extensive guided session (3-4h) 250$ 

In an extensive session you can create any larger sized piece you want or multiple smaller pieces, we go wild together! 

To book a guided painting energy healing class of your own contact me here.
To read more on the process itself scroll to the bottom of this page


Creative Manifestation Vision Board Workshop 

Have things you wish to manifest? Want to do an intentional visualisation vision board workshop guided by a mystic?

I offer and lead vision board workshops within my home studio. I can also come to you if you prefer and live in the Ottawa area.

I will provide all the supplies you will need such as: large 16x20in canvas, magazines and books to cut out, more art supplies than you can imagine, stickers, industrial grade glue, a mini photo sticker printer to add any of your personal photos, various gemstone chips, wax seal kit to seal and fortify the intention and manifestation spell. 

I will walk you through the personal and deep dive of making a meaningful unique vision board. My process is a ritual spell in itself filled with intention from first action to last. 

Prices and services: 

Vision Board Workshop (2h) 120$

You will experience a guided ritual practice of vision board manifestation guided by myself. You will create a 16x20in vision board in about two hours. I will provide all supplies and information needed. This is a reflective process so be prepared to look within. 

Come Manifest your desires with me!
Book here


Reviews from Tarot clients:

(These reviews are from clients on the online platform I used to read for; Mystic Sense. They can still be found on MysticSense.com within the review tab of my profile under the name Jojo Vibes.) 

I have since then shifted to providing my Tarot and Energy Healing services to a more local audience. Although, I still welcome people from all over the world to meet with me via zoom appointments. Just reach out here to book!