Negative Zero

negative zero poem

Hey lovely people!

So I wrote this today.


Written after a sound bath healing session at a lovely wellness retreat.

Done with the best group of ladies supporting ladies.

I found myself struggling to let go and relax durIng the meditation portion.

I have always typically thrived in meditations.

Lately, it has been a different story.

This was my poem reflection I wrote directly afterwards.

I hope it sparks in you what it sparked in me.

Be graceful and gentle with yourself for unlearning and relearning.

It is part of life’s ebb and flow.


Negative Zero

Slow, the mind cannot flow

Do, must always do

There is so much to do

Slow? How could I slow?

An expectation I cannot meet

Simply put, I have no time

Zero, negative zero

The self falls to the wayside

Its needs have not been met

The need to slow has been distant

Far down below,

At the bottom of my priorities

A whirlwind


My mind screams

How could this be productive?

As if looking within

Being with the self

Could it ever be unproductive?

Not expecting, yearning

Not achieving, climbing

How is this wrong?

Why is it that every ounce

Every molecule of my being

Wants to run

I hate running

I’m done running

Slow, time to slow

Time is not my enemy

Time is not my battle to fight

I am always on time

I declare it so

It is my decision alone

So why must I rush?

Why do I long to be ahead?
Miles ahead

Ahead of where I am now

Be here now is heard

As if I could be anywhere else

Here is where I reside

I reside in my vessel

My temple, my mind

This is my home

I must now nurture

The parts of my soul

The ones unconscious

Neglect, reject

It is time

Reflect, reset, eject

I am but a human

Living out my perspective

My view of the experience

I find myself

Needing, grasping

Trying my best

To respect

The ebb and flow

Of life’s endless waves

I am now here today

Making a promise

A commitment to my soul

I vow to listen

To honour

To cultivate peace

Keep faith within it


I will recommit to this promise

Time and time again

An as needed prescription

From my conscious soul

To my unconscious one

Though I know

I am bound to wavering

I will choose this feeling

I will continue to choose it

I will refocus my efforts

Reconnect to centre

For I am here

Choosing myself


I will still be here

Choosing myself

The world

It does not grant you peace

It is not owed

It is not earned

It is already within you

We must only connect