We Just Are

We are the seeds that are planted.
We are destined to become more.
Strong, beautiful beings we are.

We are the roots that connect us.
Connected to the earth and it’s bigger picture.
It is all for a greater purpose.
We must only tap in.

We are the flowers that bloom and the trees that grow.
We are resilient, nourished and connected.
We find our place in this reality.

We are the sun.
We are the light that warms us.
We are the light that leads the way.
We are forever shining bright.

We are the rain.
We fall. Sometimes we fall hard.
But the cycle continues and we rise up another day.

We are the Clouds.
For balance is needed and protection helps build courage.
Duality is paradox and paradox is woven into our existence.

We are the Moon.
We need to rest, to feel and reflect.
We calm the inner workings and we attempt to quiet the mind.
We feel everything deeply.

We are each other and we are one.
We are this and we are that.
We are it. All of it.

Who are we?
No labels. No titles. No names.
We simply just are.