Hear The Raven’s Call

You are here and now 

 You are right where you are

 Where you need to be

 You have beckoned 

 You have pleaded 

 You have searched 

 Without luck 

 So you thought

 Unraveling here 

 Are your answers 

 Within your soul 

 In the down deeps 

 Resides your peace 

 Hear the Raven’s call 

 Your time is now 

 Your time is here

 Your time is yours 

 To keep, to cherish 

 To attract abundance 

 You are humbled 

 You are grateful 

 You are honoured 

 These Blessings from Mother 

 These Signs from Spirit 

 The Earth, Your Home 

 Answer the call 

 You know the one 

 From deep within 

 Honour your truth 

 Follow the path 

 Come to know yourself 

 In ways indescribable

 Come to love yourself

 Purely, freely 

 Could it be so unfathomable 

 To reside joyfully in your body 

 To bring awareness to your spirit 

 To flutter your heart 

 In vibrations of love 

 Know this is within reach

 Feel it in your core 

 Light and dark reside in you 

 But love encompasses all

 The heart’s compass

 Equal to the North Star

 A treasure, a gift 

 For your soul to keep