Worth Fighting For

I am worthy

At my best

At my worst 

I am still WORTHY

I am worthy of a full life 

I am worthy of a well lived life

I am worthy of a loved life 

A life lived in love 

A life lived for love 

This is what I deserve

This is what I envision 

This is what I embody 

This I where I thrive 

I ground myself here 

Grounded in what is worth it 

Worth feeling, worth living 

I ground myself there 

Grounded in what I am here for 

What is worth fighting for? 

I am anchored in my “why”

I am rooted in my “how” 

I am solid in my ability 

I am proud of my journey

I am here, I am me 


Free to lead 

Free to follow 

Free to guide 

Free to listen 

I am FREE to just BE 

This is my life 

The life I take charge of 

The life I am proud of 

The love I breathe in 

The hope I breathe out 

The stillness of now