The bonds we make 

The bonds we treasure 

The bonds we let slip away 

What we dont do 

We don’t take advantage of 

We don’t experience

We lack the foresight

To measure their importance

To quantify their value

To gauge their impact 

We strive to know deeply 

The significance of connections

Within our realm of understanding

Within our shifting perception

Of this whirlwind world 

A world the ebbs and flows 

An earth resounding

Vibrating beneath our feet 

Planted firmly in the dirt 

Remember this connection 

Know that it is felt by all 

Our brothers, our sisters 

We have all answered a call

The intentions may vary 

But we are all here, now 

To answer this call 

Feeling out how to do so 

This is our shared challenge 

Our “Why?” Our “How?”

These are the answers we all seek 

In this way and in many ways 

We are all the same 

We are all journeying through 

Why not journey together? 

Include all beings in your view 

In your love, in your energy 

Missed connections are a creation 

A creation of fear 

A creation of ego 

Allow togetherness to be your mantra